The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY.



The NKRA is a voluntary association of about half of the residential buildings in the suburbs of Killarney and Riviera, which provides a forum for the sharing of information, and enables our community to speak to municipal departments with a unified voice in order to safeguard the interests of our residents.

The NKRA works to protect and enhance the suburb as a whole, in order to preserve our quality of life and our property values. We focus primarily on trying to get the government to do its job in Killarney, as well as serving as the Killarney Sector of the Hillbrow Community Policing Forum. We are continually in communication with the ward councillors, and with the various municipal departments and the SAPS, to maintain and improve infrastructure and to improve security and the enforcement of the by-laws. We also undertake occasional small projects to uplift the area, to the extent that our limited finances permit.

At present we are setting up various Safe Zone projects around the area, to improve security and quality of life. These are paid for by the buildings adjacent to each Safe Zone.

“Membership” of the Association is voluntary, but it requires an annual membership “subscription” of R50 per each unit in the building (with a maximum of R4000 per building). In the case of businesses, we request a flat amount of R4000 per annum. However all property owners, residents and employees of businesses in the suburbs of Killarney and Riviera are welcome to attend and participate in public meetings. Our meetings are held monthly, at the Management Offices at the Killarney Mall, and they are always held (unless it conflicts with a public holiday) on the third Wednesday of every month, at 5pm.

You can contact us at

Out biggest recent project has been to repair unsafe surfaces on various of the pavements with the heaviest pedestrian traffic. Another recent large project was to purchase and install a high-spec CCTV camera at Daventry Court, to record the illegal activities taking place at the western end of 1st Street. This has contributed to a big reduction of the problems there.

Our main focus at present is the improvement of security generally, and in particular the illegal taxi rank in 1st Street. We are trying to relocate the taxi rank to a safer and more-viable location, but there is very little undeveloped space in Killarney to accommodate this necessary service.

Our other current projects include a gardener in the park – sponsored by Pam Golding Properties, and a Park Ambassador who ensures safety and peace of mind in the park – sponsored by Vision Tactical Security. We also have two street-sweepers, sponsored by Vered Properties and RCS Security, who clean the main pedestrian routes in the area five days a week.

Another recent large project was the creation in 2016 of a children’s playground in the 4th Street Park. It incorporates a jungle-gym, a large sand-pit, and a netball post. The jungle-gym and sand-pit were paid for with donations received from residents specifically for this purpose, and the netball post was funded with a donation from the Killarney Mall.

We also built a drinking fountain in the park, with a basin for dogs as well. This was sponsored by Nomsa Nene Properties. It was clad in an artwork by Johannesburg artist Drew Lindsay, with themes reflecting the heritage of the area as well as the natural birdlife in the park.

Our well-attended and very successful Killarney-Riviera Centenary Celebration in September 2013 included the unveiling of two heritage plaques – one at the top of 2nd Ave to commemorate the old Transvaal Automobile Club (which lives on as the Killarney Country Club) and one in the Park in 4th Street commemorating the founding of the suburb, which was accompanied by the planting of a Symbolic Centenary Tree. As a legacy thereof we now have an annual community event in the park, to encourage residents to come out and mingle with each other in the fresh air. It is usually held in October, to coincide with the blossoming of our many priceless jacaranda trees.

Our other significant successes over the past 12 years include:
• lobbying the Gautrain organisation to amend their bus route, partly to reduce traffic congestion at tight intersections and partly to make the bus accessible to people higher up on the hill;
• acquiring speed-humps in 4th Avenue and in 3rd Street, to provide a degree of safety to the many people who live along these high-traffic roads;
• acquiring a traffic circle and an additional traffic island at the corner of 7th Street and 4th Avenue, to prevent the taxis from taking short-cuts down the on-coming lane during rush hour;
• the implementation of a three-way stop at the corner of 3rd Street and Killarney Road, together with a raised pedestrian crossing across Killarney Road outside Pick ‘n Pay and another outside Clicks, to encourage motorists to slow down and to drive a bit more carefully;
• the painting of street names on kerb stones at all intersections in the area;
• repairing potholes in the streets;
• repairing dangerously uneven pavements;
• re-painting the poles of the many road-signs in the area;
• the removal of the squatter camp at the corner of 7th Street and 4th Avenue;
• the fencing of the affected area, with funds donated by residents and businesses, to assist the JMPD to prevent the squatters taking up residence again;
• the construction by the Council of a security fence along the southern embankment of the M1 for the length of 7th St, to hinder muggers and further inconvenience squatters;
• the fencing of The Wilds on the Killarney side of Houghton Drive, and its later reinforcement with razor wire;
• getting new trees planted on pavements and in the park;
• getting existing trees pruned and maintained;
• the implementation of a traffic light at the motorway off-ramp into Riviera Rd;
• the repair of various water leaks in various roads and pavements in the area from time to time;
• arranging sponsored competitions to incentivise individual buildings to improve the appearance and attractiveness of their gardens and pavements;
• installing additional fencing on the bridges over the motorway, to prevent vagrants climbing over onto the embankments;
• researching and implementing a series of recycling programs for the buildings in the area;
• representing the area at the Community Policing Forum of the Hillbrow Police Station;
• working with JMPD to police the stop streets and parking restrictions in Killarney Road, and the by-laws generally;
• working with the SAPS to break car-theft syndicates active in our area, and to improve police visibility generally.