The SAPS Emergency Number is 10111

The number for the Killarney SAPS Sector Patrol vehicle is 071 675 6001.

You can call or SMS Captain Ravi Moonsamy on 071 675 6000 (during office hours)

The Fire Department can be reached at 10177

The JMPD call centre is on 011 378 1000.
If they are unable to help you, try the hotline number – 080 872 3342.


The most effective crime-prevention technique is “Eyes on the Street”.
This involves every citizen paying attention to what is going on at all times, and reporting suspicious activities quickly enough to allow the police to catch them in the act.

Please try to get a photo of any “suspicious” person or car – including if at all possible the license plate number.

The SAPS have issued dedicated cellphones to every SECTOR PATROL vehicle, so that the community can contact their local police patrol car anytime we see suspicious people or activities. The number for the Killarney SAPS Sector Patrol vehicle is 071 675 6001.

Please load this number into your speed-dial, and pass it on to all your security guards and your neighbours. Obviously we must avoid false alarms, but this initiative will bring the police much closer to the people, and with some diligence we can now assist the police to catch the criminals in the act.

Our biggest security concerns are car theft, theft out of parked cars, and “smash & grab” at traffic lights. Please don’t park in the street if possible, especially in the evenings, and never leave valuables in plain sight.

The police have portable devices called “morpho-touch machines”, which enable them to scan the fingerprints of people at roadblocks and elsewhere. All the fingerprints of all wanted persons are stored in the memory of the machine, so if a wanted person is scanned at a routine roadblock or tavern-raid the machine signals to the police officers and the person will be arrested immediately. The SAPS arrest many suspects on these routine roadblocks and sweeps, so if you are a victim of crime it is essential that the police take fingerprints before you clean up and repair your car or window-sill. It is also possible that your particular criminal is already on the criminal database for other offences, or in the drivers’ licence database or the firearms’ licence database, in which case the police might be able to trace them very quickly.

We are also being targeted by a cat-burglar. Please keep your windows and balcony doors locked while you are out or asleep, unless you have adequate burglar bars. This applies to apartments that are higher up as well – these burglars have climbed in through 4th floor windows with ease.

Communication Mailing List

In order to share information quickly across the suburb, we have established a mailing list of contact persons in the various buildings. We currently have at least one contact person in about half of the buildings, but that leaves a number of buildings which are not “in the loop” at all.

If you would like to be “in the loop” and receive email notifications of events and issues, please contact me at to be added to the mailing list. Please also send me the email addresses of your trustees.