The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.





Wayne Ford (Chairman)
Brent Chalmers (Treasurer)
Jenny Chalmers (Secretary)
Jo Marais (Environment)
Clr Ravid (Region 3)
Helene Bell
Rick Mohring
Jacques Stoltz
Mr Locke
Leo Schwartz
Faye Susser-Sher
Barry Milner
Dalien Ruitenberg
Rochelle Aarons


Inspector Bester – SAPS
Stan Kaplan
Clr Mohlala Region 8

1.     WELCOME
WF welcomed everyone to the meeting.   Apologies were noted.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were tabled, and were approved without further amendment.

•    Inspec Bester was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting, as he is busy with on-going operations.

WF reported on the following, as per Inspec Bester:
•    The latest crime statistics for July are significantly better than previous months.
•    There was one smash and grab corner Houghton and Newton Road. The fence around The Wilds requires further upgrading as criminals are still able to breach the fence and use The Wilds as one of their escape routes.
•    The area under the motorway bridge, closest to Nedcor, is still causing problems – the foot-bridge needs to be blocked off as it is being used as an escape route for smash & grab criminals. JRA has yet to respond to Clr R.
•    Insp Bester confirmed that the SAPS are working well with the SCAI secure zone project.
•    WF reported that the Hillbrow Commissioner of Police is visiting mass meetings in each of the different Sectors – this is addressed in the latest Newsletter. Killarney must decide a date and a venue.
•    The Sector considered a proposed amendment to the CPF Constitution, which would have the effect of limiting attendance at the main CPF meetings to elected representatives only, with public participation being focused on the Sector meetings. The proposed amendment was unanimously approved. WF was unanimously confirmed to continue to represent the NKRA at all CPF meetings.

•    Sonja Oelefse of SCAI attended the meeting and reported that in the past two months enormous headway has been made.
•    All buildings on the list are now close to 100% up and running.  Radio connectivity with Spinney Close has been a problem due to lack of line of sight, but this is being addressed at the moment by means of a booster relay antenna.
•    Sloane Square were unhappy but have negotiated a new deal.
•    Killarney Manor is joining the SCAI project at the end of August.
•    The success of the project was discussed and the fact that meetings between SCAI and the SAPS take place on a weekly basis.
•    A new technical expert, Mike Onay, has been employed and will be taking over all installation responsibilities.
•    Sonja reported that no documentation could be found on Biarritz.  It was agreed that Biarritz be contacted urgently and a fresh start made.
•    Sonja to contact Killarney Wilds and Gleneagles as both buildings are interested in joining the SCAI project.
•    The Trustees of Devon Place requested another visit to the control room.  Sonja will send out invitations.
•    An installation of a generator is taking place at Chartwell, as well as ablution facilities for the SCAI control room staff.
•    Four intersections have been earmarked for cameras – SCAI require authorization from the Johannesburg Municipality.
•    A camera monitoring the Houghton / Newton Road intersection would be helpful in controlling smash & grabs at this intersection – Nedcor to be approached regarding possibly hosting a camera.
•    A major drug bust, with arrests, was made cnr 3rd Street and Killarney Avenue.  Cars and people are being watched – Inspector Bester is in the SCAI control room on a daily basis viewing video footage.
•    There is footage of Metro Police accepting bribes – this has been handed over to Inspector Bester.

•    No feedback to date – in fact Clr R reported a deafening silence on behalf of the Building Inspectorate.
•    WF reported that someone is suing the Mall regarding parking.  No one at the meeting knew anything about this.
•    WF to follow up on the Application for Consent.

•    Clr R reported that work above ground on the Guatrain Emergency Shaft E3 has been completed and that all work will now take place below ground.
•    Bombela has promised to pay for Points Men to alleviate the traffic problems caused by the diversions.
•    The complete lack of assistance from the Transportation Department was noted.
•    It is hoped that Oxford Road will be back in use by the end of August.
•    Problems with subsidence have once again arisen in 8th Street due to the constant flow of heavy traffic.
•    The extension of the curbing on the offramp from the M1S into Riviera Road is still outstanding.  JM reported that this was due to the lack of finance.  JM to contact the Roads Agency as the new budget has come into effect.  Clr R offered to assist.

•    FS-S reported that a lamp post in 5th Street, nearest corner 2nd Avenue, is leaning over.
•    Outlet pipes from a number of buildings are blocked.  Sidewalks are being affected as the pipes are eroding.  Clr R believes that buildings will be held responsible for any problems caused from within the building – the Municipality will only fix the pavement.
•    JM suggested getting advice from Johannesburg Water.  Clr R suggested laying a complaint on 011 688 1500, getting a reference number and thereafter following up.  If no success is obtained, Clr R will try to assist.
•    JM has tried on a number of occasions to contact Piki Tup.  The person in charge keeps changing.  Berkeley Square eventually cleaned up the north section of the Riviera Car Park.
•    The damaged palisade fence surrounding the park on 4th Street is slowly being demolished and vagrants are once again squatting there.  Clr R suggested City Parks be contacted on 011 712 6600 and a complaint made.
•    RM reported on fires being lit, washing being hung out to dry, garbage heaps under the bridges as well as people once again living on the banks of the highway next to Nedcor and all along the highway to 4th Street.
•    Rick Mohring offered to assist with site visits.  JM to contact Clr Mohlala.
•    Clr R suggested that the Metro Police be contacted, as well as the Urban Management Department.  This should be followed up with telephone calls and in writing.


One new member – Gleneagles.
Glenhof and Killarney Wilds have paid their membership fees.
Buildings outstanding:
Cranwell Hall
Earls Court
Hampshire House
Hillside Village
PPS Insurance
Santa Margherita
St Johns Wood.

The bank balance is:
Current Account: R 5 200-00
Call Account: R97 891-00

•    FS-S suggested that “Women for Peace” get involved in finding accommodation for the vagrants in the area.
•    JLC reported that concrete sections of the Riviera Bridge, across the M1 S, are cracking and falling off onto the highway.

The meeting closed with thanks to all attendees.

The next meeting will be held on THURSDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 2008 AT 18H00