The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.



For some time now the NKRA has been involved in discussions on the development of an area security scheme that would provide for Riviera and Killarney a high tech and comprehensive solution to escalating crime.

The discussions have been ongoing for some eight months and have culminated in an agreement with the company, Security Consultants and Advanced Implementations (SCAI), whereby they will provide for individual buildings who contract with them, 24-hour perimeter surveillance, access control measures and armed response to dangerous situations.

In essence the contract between SCAI and a Body Corporate provides that SCAI would

1. Monitor the perimeters of our property via cameras and a 24/7 manned control room, based in the Killarney area and dedicated to Killarney/Riviera services, utilising digital video recording of all incidents and occurrences. There is provision for armed response to emergency situations and a link with the SAPS.

2. Perimeter monitoring of the full and entire perimeter of the building including all vehicle and pedestrian entrances would be by means of motion activated, day/night, cameras which will be positioned so that there is no invasion of privacy of the members on the premises and which will be monitored 24hours a day from the Killarney-based control room.

3. Each building will have four panic buttons located inside (eg in the foyers with security staff) to call for help and additional panic buttons can be purchased by individual members for their personal use.

4. In addition, SCAI undertake to provide access control to the building for all pedestrian entries and exits, by means of either a password keypad and magnetic recognition key or fingerprint recognition. Pedestrian entry has to be authorised by the resident in question, on a case-by-case basis. Internal staff entering on foot will be given their own passwords which will allow SCAI to identify cases where persons other than the staff member might be using the staff member’s passwords or key tags.

5. Vehicle access control will be by means of a proximity sensor which will warn the control room that the gate or garage is being approached so that the situation at the gate or garage can be monitored while the vehicle is entering or is parked at the gate or garage waiting for entry.

6. SCAI will monitor specific traffic intersections and other high-risk areas as well so long as there is a suitably located building willing to allow SCAI to position cameras facing outward for this purpose. It has been convincingly proven that area surveillance and monitoring reduces crime in the area.

7.  SCAI will also maintain proactive information gathering within the community in liaison and with permission of the SAPS detective unit where the opportunity arises.

8. SCAI will also provide to the trustees, quarterly assessments of security staff and services, being provided to SCAI contracted buildings, by other service providers (eg guarding companies) together with written recommendations for improvement or training where appropriate.

9. Finally individual members can also tie up their personal alarm systems to the control room response service by means of a separate agreement.

The cost to the Body Corporate for this service will be R99 per unit per month and the contract will be for five years. 

The proposal by SCAI is recommended because:

1. It provides, for a very reasonable amount, all access monitoring and control for both vehicles and pedestrians,
2. Perimeter surveillance for illegal entry via the fence or walls, together with armed response to security sensitive situations.
3. Heightened security in the streets immediately surrounding Devon Place
4. All the equipment, supervision, monitoring and recording systems are provided
5. Private participation for personal alarm systems, tied into the main system, for individual contract
6. Individual panic buttons can be bought.
7. In essence there is no involvement for the trustees or other members that takes up time and effort on a daily basis.
8. NKRA monitored and supervised
9. We would be secured 24 hours a day by a company who can deal professionally with any security–sensitive situation that would arise on our premises or at its perimeters.
10. SCAI is prepared to review and report to our trustees on the performance of any company we chose to employ to man our entrances (ie ADT) and make recommendations as to improvements to their performance when and if appropriate.