The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.



On Saturday 28 September 2013, residents of all ages gathered in the 4th Street Park to celebrate the centenary of Killarney-Riviera.
We began by unveiling a Heritage Plaque at the top of 2nd Avenue, corner 5th Street, which is the original site of the main entrance to the Transvaal Automobile Club. A stone plinth was specially constructed in the gardens of Hanover Gate, and it received many compliments.
The plaque was unveiled by Mr John Brick, a long-time committee member of the Killarney Country Club who lived in Killarney as a child, and who was a member of the TAC in the days when it was still in Killarney. We thank him for doing us this service, and for the interesting talk he gave about “the old days”.
We then moved to the Park to plant our symbolic Centenary Tree. We had chosen an indigenous tree called a Wild Peach, which was sponsored by Pam Golding Properties.
Next to the tree we erected a commemorative plaque, which was unveiled by Mr Herbert Prins of the Egoli Heritage Foundation. In his speech Mr Prins, a heritage specialist and a long-time resident of Killarney, highlighted the importance of recognising and preserving the heritage of the past, as well as the importance of creating “future heritage”. We thank Herbert for his participation in this event, and for his valuable support over the years,

After the tree-planting we undertook a brief Heritage Walking Tour to visit Gleneagles, Mentone Court and Daventry Court. Ms Ruth Kuper, chairperson of Gleneagles, gave a very interesting talk to about 35 visitors in the lobby of her beautiful building. Mr Herbert Prins gave the talk at Mentone Court, and Mr Boris Gorelik gave us a talk at Daventry Court.

Mr John Brick of the Killarney Country Club unveiled the TAC plaque in 2nd Avenue.
Mr Herbert Prins of the Egoli Heritage Foundation unveiled the Centenary Plaque.

Mrs Amora Visser of Killarney Park won the Centenary Muffin Competition. As you can see, her muffins were in big demand.

We thank all the local businesses that took part in the event – Pam Golding Properties, Ocean Basket, RCS Security, Killarney Toyota, Mantis Security and Lew Geffin Sotheby’s.
We especially thank Kayte Denham of Pam Golding Properties, who planned and managed most of the event in the park, as well as our very supportive ward councillor Marcelle Ravid, who gave a speech and who shovelled in the first spade of soil at the tree-planting (and the second, third and fourth spades as well.)
We look forward to our bicentennial, in 2113.