The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.




It has been resolved at our public meetings to declare 1913 the Centenary Year of Killarney-Riviera. This choice is based on the fact that, as far as we can tell, the area was proclaimed a township in 1906, but the construction of the first home was seemingly started only in 1921. The original TAC and the film studios were built somewhere in between. This gives a mid-point of about 1913/1914, but 1914 is a World War One centenary year as well as an election year, so we settled on 1913.
The Draft Plan thusfar is as follows:
1. We will identify all the buildings that are old enough to qualify as Heritage Buildings. We will then assist them to apply for official heritage status, which seemingly entitles them to a rates’ rebate as well as protection of their valuable heritage aspects.
2. Any other building which has some “notable” history attaching to it, must also be helped to get a plaque commemorating that event or fact – such as a plaque at the Mall mentioning the film studios which once stood on that site. We can design our own plaques if we want to. We need residents to assist us by bringing to our attention all these notable events and facts.
3. We are working together with the Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust to research and “list” all the conservation-worthy aspects of buildings in Killarney and Riviera. We highly recommend their website, at . Again, we appeal to knowledgeable residents please to come forward with information about your buildings, and about any notable people who may once have lived there.
4. On the National Heritage Day weekend in September 2013, we will have a public function in the suburb. The general idea so far is to have a “heritage walking tour” of the notable buildings, culminating in a fete in the 4th Street Park. The tour could include for example the Shul, Riviera Mansions, Daventry Court, Mentone Court, the Mall (site of the old film studios), Gleneagles and Whitehall Court, ending with the fete in the park just across the road. Perhaps a resident could give a five-minute talk on the history of each building?
5. The fete will need to include food and drink, so one suggestion has been to invite the weekly organic market from the Mall to set up for the day in the park. Water, toilets and power are already available. Heritage Day is sometimes combined with National Braai Day, which could be a good draw-card for the non-vegans in the area too.
6. The fete could incorporate an SAPS canine demo, a pet competition, a baby competition, a flower show etc, hopefully with prizes sponsored by local businesses. It could also have a Spring Day theme. An Art in the Park exhibition has also been suggested.
We need to build on these ideas, especially as regards the heritage aspects, and we need to spread our net wider to obtain input from other residents who are knowledgeable about these issues. Please consult with your neighbours and friends as widely as you are able.
It would be particularly satisfying if we could conclusively identify the history of the 4th Street Park, which is the only such park in the area. Judging from the mature trees, that park has existed for quite some time.

Traffic Safety:
Our project to improve traffic safety at the corner of 3rd Street and 2nd Ave is half finished, as the speed-hump and signage have been completed. Due to financial constraints the proposed raised pedestrian crossing can only be built next year, but this project has already greatly improved the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Recycling Project:
Our recycling project has foundered, with the contractor no longer able to cover his costs. He has asked to be paid to collect the material, and many buildings are refusing to do so. However we have sourced a new contractor, who will hopefully be able to make money out of this without charging us for collections. They have multiple vehicles and other clients in the area, so should be able to give us a quality service.
Please get your building to join the project – the more buildings that participate, the more viable the project and the better its chances of success.
The contact person is Eric, on 083 272 5618 or at

Tree pruning:
The City Parks department finally got around to pruning some of the big jacarandas in 2nd Ave. Hopefully they will return soon to service all the other trees too, before a huge branch snaps off in a high wind and causes damage or injury.

New dustbins:
A number of estate agents have taken up the challenge to sponsor pavement dustbins in Killarney and Riviera. Although PikiTup does not clear them as often as we need them to, our level of litter clearly indicates that we need many more bins to cater to demand. The simple addition of a few advertising boards on these bins hugely improves the appearance of the bin and its surroundings. It also gives that whole street an atmosphere of ownership and care.

Drain cleaning:
After years of begging, the JRA finally got around to cleaning out some of our storm-water drains. If you notice any other drains that are blocked up, please do let us know.

The Gautrain company is busy setting up bus-stops in Killarney for the Gautrain bus service. We don’t yet know the routes, the frequencies or the times, but already bus-stop signs have appeared in Killarney Road and 3rd Street.

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