The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.



Killarney-Riviera Improvement project:
We have established a community task-group to research and implement various ideas to improve the quality of life in Killarney and Riviera. The current focus areas of the project include:
• improving the outdoor aesthetics of the area by “cleaning and greening”, including the forming of a Garden Club;
• improving the “walkability” of the area, including by forming a Walking Club;
• improving safety and security generally by enhancing communication between individuals, buildings, security companies and the police;
• improving the various facilities in the park, to make it more user-friendly for children and adults alike, including obtaining playground equipment, planting additional shrubs and holding more public events;
• improving our environmental impact, through recycling projects, solar power projects and water-use projects;
• addressing noise, littering and traffic problems wherever possible.
Please let us know if you would like to participate in any of the focus areas, or if you have additional suggestions. You can also monitor progress and developments on the dedicated Facebook page:

Repairs and Maintenance:
We got some value when the JRA repaired the cover on the storm-water drain in 3rd Street at the intersection of 2nd Avenue. They also finally repaired the dangerous hole left by the water leak repair in Riviera Road outside the Mall.
Please report all open manholes and other road damage to 0860 562 874, and please keep the reference number for follow-up. The more often problem issues are reported, the faster they get fixed.

Traffic lights:
A new set of traffic lights were installed recently at the intersection of Riviera Road and Main Road. These incorporate a turning arrow for cars wishing to turn up 4th Ave from Riviera Road. We would have preferred to have arrows assisting people to turn in all directions, but this is all we got this time around. I’m sure it will make a positive difference – thank you to Councillor Marcelle Ravid for her tireless efforts over several years to get us to this point.

Martindale Mews:
The frontage upgrade at Martindale Mews in Riviera Road is progressing slowly, but it’s starting to look really great. It’s amazing what a difference such an upgrade makes to the whole surrounding environment. We note that the window frames are being repainted at the same time. Many thanks to the owner for this effort.

Mall parking project:
The Mall’s reserved parking project for residents is progressing rapidly. When finished there will be 106 new carports, as well as good lighting and 24/7 security. At this point the vehicle entrance will be in 5th Street and the exit in 4th Street.
The bays will be rented out at R660 per bay incl. VAT, and apparently the demand has been huge. If you are interested you can contact Wendy Wheeler at

The news re Lhenveolan in 1st Street is that the owner has died after a long illness, which is what caused the repainting to be halted in mid-project. The heirs are overseas, and will only be able to make decisions once the estate has been wound up. Meanwhile the agent is operating the building on a shoe-string budget once again, and all non-critical maintenance work is once more on hold. We all hope that this long-overdue re-painting project will resume again soon.

Fibre-optic Internet:
The VUMAtel company attended our January public meeting, and undertook to install a fibre-optic network in Killarney-Riviera starting in the first quarter of this year. They also agreed to start the project without any upfront commitments, and to allow residents to join up individually in the future whenever we are ready.
They will provide the network to each building for free, but if you want the service, you will be charged a once-off installation and connection fee of R2500, and thereafter you will be charged a monthly service fee depending on your chosen service package. There will be no costs to the body corporate, and residents who don’t want or need the service will have no obligation and no expense. However merely having the service present in one unit in your building will drive up the property price of every unit in that building, because the availability of a first-world high-speed FTTH network is a big selling-point to technologically-savvy property buyers.
Owners who actually install the service will also access numerous internet-related benefits, and buildings will be able to install high-tech video-based security systems as well.
If you are interested you can get more info at

Heritage news:
Mentone Court in Riviera Road recently unveiled a heritage plaque of their own. When the plaque was finally ready the suppliers offered to deliver and install it immediately, and naturally the Mentone Court trustees seized the opportunity, so there was no time for them to arrange a formal gathering with snacks and speeches.
We congratulate the trustees and the members of Mentone Court for taking this step to assert and celebrate the heritage of their building, and we urge other buildings to do likewise.