The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.




Wayne Ford (Chairman)
Brent Chalmers (Treasurer)
Jenny Chalmers (Secretary)
Clr M Ravid
Clr Mohlala
Inspector Malope (SAPS)
Constable Setsiba (SAPS)
Rick Mohring (Biarritz)
Ashraf Patel (Hampshire Mews)
Jacques Stoltz (Gleneagles)
Dave Locke (Whitehall)
Rochelle Aarons (Glenhof)
Dalien Ruitenberg (Glenhof)
Marion Bouwer (Riviera Gardens)
Stan Stein (Knightsbridge)
Dave van Heerden – Upper Houghton Residents Association


Steve Mendelssohn
Jo Marais (Environment)

Captain Makgamatha (SAPS)

Helene Bell
Stan Kaplan

1.     WELCOME
WF welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies were noted.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read, and approved without further amendment.

•    Inspector M presented the following crime statistics for January and February 2009:
January    February
Cases Reported:                    20             17
Robbery with Firearm              –             03
Car Hijacking                          –              –
House Robbery                        –              –
Business Robbery                    –              –
Robbery with other weapon     –              –
Common Assault                   03            03
Murder                                    –              –
Rape                                        –            01
Assault GBH                           02            01
Burglary Residential                 1            03
Burglary Business                   02              –
Theft of Motor Vehicle           02            02
Theft out of Motor Vehicle     09            05
Theft from Motor Vehicle        –              –
Common Robbery                   01              –

•    Inspec M advised the meeting of a robbery that had taken place at a jewellery store in the Mall.  3 men entered the shop, one stepped outside and kept guard and footage shows a Mantis Security guard standing opposite the store and seemingly unaware of the problem.  The men left via the Aromas exit.   SCAI are working with the Mall to find outside footage of the men and car.
•    WF advised the meeting that the AGM of the CPF was coming up shortly and asked for volunteers.  Unfortunately there were no volunteers. WF was appointed by the meeting to serve as the CPF Sector representative for one more year.
•    SCAI has advised WF that after a meeting with the new Manageress of the Mall, the Mall had agreed to place cameras on their outer walls to watch the surrounding area.
•    The meeting was advised that the new SCAI Contract should be rolled out fairly quickly and it was reiterated that 400 members were needed.
•    Both Park Avenue and Knightsbridge are up and running.
•    Stan Stein expressed doubts as to the financial stability of SCAI and that nothing to date regarding SCAI had inspired confidence.  The meeting agreed that the NKRA really wanted SCAI to work – it is preferable to be proactive instead of reactive – and that ultimately if SCAI did not provide the service, buildings could stop paying
•    Dave v Heerden advised the meeting that Houghton is investigating installing cameras but that this came at huge expense.
•    WF to investigate the concerns expressed by the meeting regarding the sale of cameras by SCAI, and to attach the feedback to the minutes of this meeting.

Subsequent to the meeting, WF was assured by Mike Onay of SCAI that SCAI is financially stable, and although there have been financial issues between the shareholders, the project itself is not threatened.  Various cost-cutting measures have been taken, such as scaling down the response vehicle.  SCAI will only install further equipment once the new contract has reached 400 members, and member buildings don’t pay unless they are receiving the service, so both parties are well protected.  If SCAI does collapse in the years ahead we lose nothing, as we will stop paying immediately.

The issue of SCAI selling the cameras to the buildings comes from Harold the caretaker.  Mediterranean(where Harold is apparently also caretaker) has withdrawn from the project and is going to go it alone.  The trustees were discussing with SCAI if they could buy the existing SCAI equipment rather than purchase new equipment from scratch.  This only applies to Mediterranean, because they have decided to withdraw.  Harold seemingly misunderstood the reasons for the decision, and seemingly has communicated his perception to other buildings where he works, but SCAI are not looking for buildings to withdraw and would obviously prefer to manage the project as originally agreed.

•    Unfortunately there is still no feedback regarding the Mall.

•    WF and Clr R to have a meeting with the Mall and to ask if the Mall can assist in finding a solution to the taxi problem in Killarney Ave.
•    The outstanding traffic projects are the lengthening of the island across the bridge to the traffic circle on 4th Avenue, the cats-eyes on the island in Riviera Road and the M1 off-ramp issue onto Riviera Road.
•    It was agreed to submit the following suggestions to the Council:

a.    The traffic lights on Riviera Road, cnr Main Road and 4th Ave, cause grid-lock in rush hour, and the rest of the time they are not needed.  Perhaps these could be replaced with a 4-way stop.

b.    A pedestrian crossing is needed in Main Road, as there is much pedestrian traffic for the Shul and the motor traffic volumes are increasing.  Hopefully this could be installed over a speed-hump to provide better protection to pedestrians.

c.    A 4-way stop or circle was suggested for 3rd Street and 4th Avenue in Killarney – this is a dangerous intersection with poor visibility and traffic feeding into 4th Avenue from 3rd Street is heavy.

d.    A 4-way stop or circle was also suggested in Main Road corner North Road.  Once again this road carries a lot of traffic and a 4-way stop or circle will improve safety for residents.

e.    JLC advised the meeting of the increased traffic problem in Main Road – more vehicles are now taking a short cut off the highway, north on 4th Avenue and Main Road and north through Houghton.  Delivery vehicles and buses continue to use Main Road in addition to the problem of taxis.  WF suggested the closing off of the north end of Main Road.  JM to investigate.

•    Taxis making illegal U turns in Houghton Drive cnr Joe Slovo continue to be a problem.  It was suggested that the island be extended to the Central Road traffic lights – this would prevent taxis turning left off Joe Slovo and ducking around the island.

•    A general feeling of unease was expressed in the meeting.  Clr advised that further meetings would be held and that no firm decision had yet been made.
•    It was agreed that Killarney/ Riviera should form a Committee and that officials of the BRT be invited to the next NKRA meeting.  Jacques Scholtz will head up the Committee with the assistance of Jenny Chalmers and Marion Bower when she can.
•    Clr R to assist JS with contact details.
•    Jacques Schotz advised the meeting on papers he had seen regarding the relaxation of height restrictions in Killarney and Riviera.  Clr R reported that a maximum of 4 storeys could take place down Oxford Road and an additional 2 floors in Killarney/ Riviera.

•    Vagrants are a continuing problem on 7th Street and 4th Avenue and 7th Street and Annerley Road as well as on the embankments around the two bridges over the M1.  Enormous amounts of garbage are accumulating – Clr M advised the meeting that Piki Tup keep promising to clean this up.  Clr M to follow up.
•    The problem of vagrants lifting manholes covers on the bridge into the maintenance area, storing of goods and sleeping in this internal space of the bridge was again brought to the attention of the Police and Clr M.  Clr M advised that she has asked for secure locks to be installed.  PPS have offered to pay for a solution to this problem.  SAPS and Metro Police to investigate.
•    The NKRA is still looking to hire on a casual basis a person prepared to sweep and clean up the streets of Killarney and Riviera – this will be sponsored by Wendy Mechanik and it is preferable for the person to live in the Killarney/Riviera area. Please contact WF if you know of a person who might be prepared to undertake the task – R80-00 per day and 3 to 4 days per week –
•    Extra rubbish bins are still required – Clr R to please continue lobbying Piki Tup.

•    To date half the buildings have paid their NKRA fees.

•    WF was congratulated on the editing of the new Newsletter.
•    A couple of the buildings had not received it – WF to contact Nomsa of Wendy Mechanik.
•    WF to email Newsletter to BDC for the web site.

11.    GENERAL
•    The fencing off of the access areas to the embankments was once again discussed.  This has been delayed due to Temple Emmanuel wanting to fence the area at the back of the Temple on the highway embankment. BDC waiting for a revised quote.
•    WF asked if two steel palisades could replace the two concrete ones that have been broken and removed.  BDC to enquire.
•    Illegal dumping has taken place cnr 1st Street & 2nd Ave.  The latest includes a mattress.
•    The blue ‘semi’ abandoned car is still there – cnr 1st Street and 2nd Avenue.  The wheels have now been removed and a flat bed truck will be needed.  Inspec M to assist with Metro Police.
•    Clr R to report a large hole cnr Annerley and Federation Road.  This was dug and covered over some time ago and has been left unfinished.

The meeting closed with thanks to all attendees.

The next meeting will be held on