The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.




Wayne Ford (Chairman)
Brent Chalmers (Treasurer)
Jenny Chalmers (Secretary)
Clr M Ravid
Inspector Malope (SAPS)
Constable Setsiba (SAPS)
Jacques Stoltz (Gleneagles)
Doug Locke (Whitehall)
Rochelle Aarons (Glenhof)
Dalien Ruitenberg (Glenhof)
Steve Mendelssohn (Spinney Close)


Barry Milner (Dukes Court)
Yogan Naidoo (Dukes Court)
Clr Mohlala
Leo Schwartz
Ashraf Patel (Hampshire Mews)
Marion Brower (Riviera Mansions)
Celeste Mulholland (Rapallo)
David Kramer
Captain Makgamata (SAPS)

1.     WELCOME
WF welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies were noted.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read, and approved without further amendment.

•    Inspector M expressed deep concern over the growing number of cars being high-jacked in Killarney, particularly from The Mall.
•    Inspector M reported that he had been in contact with The Mall.  It was agreed that a meeting be called between The Mall, Clr Ravid, Wayne Ford and Inspector Malope to discuss the problem. Clr R will contact Natalie Gibson in this regard.
•    WF and Clr R reported that they had previously suggested to The Mall that a double boom be put in place as in The Zone in Rosebank.

•    The SCAI project is continuing.  It has now been decided to customize the service and pricing to each building as each has different circumstances and concerns.
•    The cost of the Control Room is a problem and a number of buildings will need to be on line in order to cover this cost.
•    The Control Room is still located in Chartwell.
•    FASDA were not performing effectively at Chartwell and Chartwell have replaced them with ADT.
•    Michael Oney is in contact with ADT regarding a response vehicle to do area patrols.
•    BDC reported receiving an electricity bill from Chartwell in the amount of R10 000-00.  This was to cover the cost of electricity used by SCAI. Due to no agreement being in place, it was agreed that this should not be paid.

•    Unfortunately there is still no feedback regarding the Mall.

•    It was agreed to submit the following suggestions to Council once the new budget is in place – this should be beginning July 2009.  This is especially important in light of the BRT route.

a.    The lengthening of the island across the bridge to the traffic circle on 4th Avenue, the cats-eyes on the island in Riviera Road and the M1 off-ramp issue onto Riviera Road.

b.    The traffic lights on Riviera Road, cnr Main Road and 4th Ave, cause grid-lock in rush hour, and the rest of the time they are not needed.  Perhaps these could be replaced with a 4-way stop or circle.

c.    A pedestrian crossing is needed in Main Road, as there is much pedestrian traffic for the Shul and the motor traffic volumes are increasing.  Hopefully this could be installed over a speed-hump to provide better protection to pedestrians.

d.    A 4-way stop or circle was suggested for the intersection of 3rd Street and 4th Avenue in Killarney – this is a dangerous intersection with poor visibility and traffic feeding into 4th Avenue from 3rd Street is heavy.

e.    A 4-way stop or circle was also suggested in Main Road corner North Road.  Once again this road carries a lot of traffic and a 4-way stop or circle will improve safety for residents.

•    Taxis making illegal U turns in Houghton Drive cnr Joe Slovo continue to be a problem.  It was suggested that the island be extended to the Central Road traffic lights – this would prevent taxis turning left off Joe Slovo and ducking around the island.

•    Jacques Scholtz, the NKRA BRT representative, reported as follows:

a)    At this point in time a Committee has been formed which includes all the Residents’ Associations affected by the BRT on Oxford Road from Parktown to Rosebank.
b)    Environmental Consultants have advised that up to July 2009 there is still time to lodge concerns / comments.  The matter will then go to Council, a Basic Assessment Report will be drawn up and thereafter the Associations will be contacted.  It is hoped that the process will be wrapped up by September 2009. The MEC then has 6 months to confirm.
c)    It was noted that the BRT will not be in operation by June 2009 as planned.
d)    What is known at this stage is that the trunk route will be Oxford Road with bus stops every 500 metres.
e)    As far as managing the traffic is concerned, there are different options on the table but which option the Council will take is unknown.
f)    The options are:
1.    The widening of Oxford Road – this is the Committees preferred option but not the Council’s as expropriation of property is slow and expensive.
2.    The widening of Jan Smuts with traffic being diverted from Parktown down Jan Smuts instead of Oxford Road. This is not favoured by the Committee as vehicles will take short cuts through the suburbs.
g)    JS pointed out that it is imperative for affected people to register as interested parties, so that the project managers will be required to consult with as many people as possible before proceeding.
h)    Forest Town and Saxonwold have sent formal letters to the Environmental Consultants. JS believes the NKRA should send a formal letter on behalf of Killarney and Rivera, asking for more information and raising our concerns.
i)    As of next week there will be more information on the BRT posted on the Information Board at Pick n Pay in The Mall.
j)    JS reported that at some stage legal costs will have to be incurred. The Committee believes all Associations should stick together but JM expressed concern that areas have different priorities.  Clr R disagreed and believes that the only area to have different concerns is Parktown.
k)    JS advised that these issues have been discussed at length and the Committee believes a clear message should be sent to Council that the affected Associations are working together and that they are willing to collaborate and share opinions.
l)    JM expressed concern regarding costs should it become a legal battle especially noting that Killarney and Riviera have a large number of pensioners.
m)    JM suggested an onsite meeting between the Environmental Consultants and NKRA representatives who are intimately aware of the traffic problems in the area.
n)    The meeting was advised that it should be cautious with traffic statistics presented by Council and that it is preferable for an independent Traffic Engineer to provide advice and statistics.
o)    It was agreed that the NKRA will incur no expenditure until the Basic Assessment Report has been seen.
p)    It was also noted that one of the bus stops will be on Oxford Road in front of the school to the south of Riviera Road – this could mean that traffic will be diverted through Killarney.
q)    The meeting agreed that traffic calming measures be suggested to Council as soon as the new budget is in operation.
r)    Legal fees will be discussed again at the next NKRA meeting.

•    WF mentioned that contact details of the Nerve Centre have been put on the NKRA web site. (An article on this was published in the last edition of the Rosebank / Killarney Gazette). This is a 2010 initiative and it is imperative that residents use this number to lodge all complaints (e.g.: vagrants, broken fences, dumping etc).  The Nerve Centre guarantees that all complaints will be attended to and solved.
•    WF asked Inspector M to assist with the ever growing problem of vagrants, cnr 7th Street and 4th Avenue, in the small parking area.  This area has always had a vagrant issue but this has become a permanent problem with a taxi washing operation and tuck shop. There is apparently one man in charge of this operation and water is being obtained from an external tap at Bolton Hall.
•    Scavengers are meeting collection trucks at this point too.
•    The destruction of pillars in the concrete fence on 7th Street continues, with numerous homeless people lighting fires and living on the embankment of the highway.
•    It was agreed that the situation is out of control and urgent measures must be taken.
•    Inspector M was asked to get Metro Police involved as well.
•    Clr Mohlala has been approached and advised on numerous occasions of the growing problem but to date there has been no action. It was suggested that the Chief Whip be contacted.
•    The Fence project has been delayed due to the removal of concrete pillars. It was agreed that there is no point in fencing off the bridges when vagrants have access through the concrete fence.
•    JM reported that the present concrete fence was sponsored by the Highway Patrol Section.  JM to contact and enquire on way forward.
•    The hiring of a person on a casual basis, who is prepared to sweep and clean up the streets of Killarney and Riviera continues.  This will be sponsored by Wendy Mechanik and it is preferable for the person to live in the Killarney/Riviera area. Please contact WF if you know of a person who might be prepared to undertake the task – R80-00 per day and 3 to 4 days per week –
•    Extra rubbish bins are still required – Clr R to please continue lobbying Piki Tup.
•    Dumping continues to be a problem cnr 1st Street & 2nd Ave near Dukes Court.  It was suggested that the Nerve Centre be contacted on a regular basis.
•    It was noted that Piki Tup are piloting a recycling project and it was suggested that Piki Tup be contacted and a request that the pilot be done in Killarney and Riviera.  JM to contact Piki Tup in this regard.

•    Financial statements are ready, and the AGM can be held at any time.
•    BDC reported on a good year to February 2009 and that R50 000-00 has been deposited this year.  There have been very few defaulters.
•    It was agreed that the NKRA is now getting to a position where effective things can be done.

•    A Newsletter is due.
•    WF requested input from residents.
•    It was agreed that the main focus be the BRT.

11.    GENERAL
•    It was noted that traffic signs are falling over – the Nerve Centre should be contacted.
•    With regard to rodents in Killarney – a letter noting the problem has been received from Environmental Health.
•    Brent and Jenny Chalmers tendered their resignations due to moving out of the area.  It was noted that they are amenable to assisting for a month or two until a new Treasurer and Secretary are appointed.

The meeting closed with thanks to all attendees.

The next meeting will be the AGM, and will be held on
WEDNESDAY 10th JUNE 2009 AT 18H00