The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.





Wayne Ford (Chairman)
Brent Chalmers (Treasurer) 
Jo Marais (Environment)
Jenny Chalmers (Secretary)
Barry Milner
Stan Kaplan
Helene Bell
Dave Locke

Clr Ravid (Region 3)
Clr Mohlala (Region 8)
Inspector Bester
Steve Mendelssohn 
Leo Schwartz
Liandra de Villiers

WF welcomed everyone to the meeting.   Apologies were noted.

The Minutes were taken as read and approved without further amendment. 

• Inspec Bester was off sick and therefore unable to attend the meeting.
• WF reported on a couple of shop lifting incidents at The Mall and an armed intrusion at Knightsbridge in which a car was hijacked.  This was caught on camera by SCAI who are now in the process of identifying the perpetrators and their vehicle..
• WF reported that there had been a parting of partners at SCAI and that Marc Kohlberg has resigned and returned to Israel.  Daniel Steiner is now managing the business but has struggled initially due to incorrect feedback and poor handover. He has requested that all members of SCAI contact him on 082 553 5952 or at,   in order to set up an onsite visit at each building, to identify what is still outstanding.
• It was noted that some cameras are operational; others are still being installed, and that the installation of panic buttons is taking place. 
• SK reported that Biarritz has yet to hear from SCAI – he now understood the reason and will contact DS directly.
• BM reported that the trees in 1st Street have been cut back. This will greatly reduce the opportunities for concealment from the cameras.
• It was noted that Metro Police are ticketing illegally parked cars in Killarney Ave on an occasional basis. 

• A new quote is being obtained for the raised pedestrian crossing / speed humps in Killarney Road.  JM has been in contact with Council and the project is still in hand.
• Due to the public holidays JM was unable to have an onsite meeting with Johannesburg Roads Agency at the off ramp of the M1 into Riviera Road to address the adjustment of the curbing.  It is hoped that this will take place next week.
• WF noted that all the robots on the corner of Oxford and Riviera Roads have been dug up.  It is hoped that this is for the setting up of the turning arrows.  The Traffic Engineer has resigned but did promise that the turning arrows will be installed imminently. 
• WF was advised that the timing of the robots in Newton Road is being addressed to clear the off-ramp traffic more quickly.  This might help to reduce the incentive for the taxis to come off at Riviera Road.

• The fence in Killarney Park (4th Street) has been moved and repainted. Many thanks to JM and Clr R for their tireless efforts on this matter.
• JM advised the meeting that she had sent an email to the Mayoral Committee with regard to the vagrant problem in Anerley Road.  She has subsequently heard that their computer system has a virus and no email was received.  JM will resend the letter by fax.
• SK reported that the newly repaired and repainted rail on the bridge is now being as a washing line and that a couple of men have been seen walking around naked.  JM to report.
• It was noted that Clr Mohlala is off ill.
• Concrete poles in the fence on the corner of 7th and 4th Streets have been knocked out and this gap is now being used as an access point to the highway.  There is once again a community living underneath the Anerley Street bridge with blankets and rubbish piling up on the embankments.  JM to report.
• The fence to the park on the corner of 7th and 4th has been damaged by a car.  JM to report.
• SK to once again approach Temple Emmanuel with regard to contributing towards a fence.  They had expressed interest in the past. This must be reactivated as the area is becoming more of a problem.
• Illegal posters to be reported to JLC.
• Vered’s monthly street cleaning crew, wearing advertising bibs, should be in the area tomorrow, 9th May.

• WF reported that the NKRA have received an official letter from the Joburg Development Planning and Urban Management department.
• The following was noted in the letter:

1. Floor Area Ratio “Minimum floor area for public library shall be 340 m²”
2. Building Lines “10 meters along Riviera Road”.
3. “Sufficient landscaping shall be provided on the Riviera road interface and on the building itself this shall be done to the satisfaction of the Local Authority”.
4. “Appropriate upgrading to be done to adjacent roads”.

• WF to contact Clr R with regard to the above and how to proceed from here.
• It was noted that our polite and constructive approach through the correct channels has paid dividends.
• Huge vote of thanks to Clr R for her considerable efforts in getting us this far.

• The following buildings have been invoiced and payments are outstanding:
Cranwell Hall
Earl’s Court
Hampshire House
Killarney Wilds
Santa Margherita
St John’s Wood.

• BDC to contact Jo Marais on as Berkeley Square are interested in joining the NKRA.
• BDC to email Glenhof’s invoice to Dalien Ruitenberg.
• BDC to contact Killarney Wilds – Zoë Clegg on

• BDC advised the meeting that the NKRA now has its own official web site
• It must now be decided what should go on the site.  It was agreed that all Agendas, Minutes and maybe the Newsletter.
• BDC requested that residents email him anything of interest to Killarney and Riviera.

• It was noted that a number of buildings have yet to receive the Newsletter.  WF to investigate.
• JM reported that the cancellation of the servitude on the parking lot behind Berkeley Square is still in progress.
• The problem with gambling and loitering in the Riviera car park was discussed.  SK advised the meeting that he believes this area is being locked off at night.  It was noted that both Splice and Allegria have experienced break-ins and that possibly this area should be locked permanently.  It is believed that there is sufficient parking outside the Shul in North Road and that on special occasions the area could be opened.  BM to contact David Lieberman to discuss way forward.
• The meeting noted the problem of overflowing bins and illegal dumping on Main Road particularly outside the parking lot.
• WF suggested that perhaps a sponsor be contacted with regard to additional bins.  Clear Channel provides bins at a cost of R450-00 per bin per month. Piki Tup collects the garbage as per usual.  WF has contacted the Council with regard to more municipal bins.  More bins are also required outside Mentone and Dukes Court.

The meeting was closed with thanks to all attendees. 

The next meeting will be held on 12 JUNE 2008 at 18h00