The NKRA is grateful for the support provided in the 4th Street park by our park sponsors RUSSELL FISHER PROPERTIES and VISION TACTICAL SECURITY and the KILLARNEY MALL, and for the street cleaning services provided by RCS SECURITY SERVICES.





Wayne Ford (Chairman)
Jo Marais (Environment)
Brent Chalmers (Treasurer)
Jenny Chalmers (Secretary)
Clr Ravid (Region 3)
Inspector Bester – SAPS
Barry Milner – Dukes Court
 Helene Bell
 Rochelle Aarons 
 Dalene Ruitenberg
 Rick (Projects)
 Mr Locke – Whitehall
APOLOGIES:  Stan Kaplan – (Projects)
Clr Mohlala (Region 8)
Priscilla May

WF welcomed everyone to the meeting.   Apologies were noted.

The Minutes were taken as read and approved without further amendment. 

• Inspector Bester reported that crime is on the increase in the area:
In January 2008 the following was reported:
6 burglaries, 1 vehicle theft, 3 out of vehicle theft, 1 aggravated robbery at The Mall, 1 car high jacking in 4th Street and 5 contact crimes.
As of February 14th the following was reported:
4 burglaries, vehicle theft 3 and 1 out of vehicle theft, 1 robbery with firearm near The Wilds and 5 contact crimes. 
• Inspec B reported that under cover policemen are on the look out and that the SAPS Commissioner has asked Metro Police for assistance.
• It was agreed that with this increase in crime, SCAI must come on line ASAP.
• JM reported on a special CPF meeting in which it was suggested that the CPF assist in liaising with social services, correctional services, home affairs etc in addition to liaising with the SAPS.  JM does not believe this to be viable in the Killarney / Riviera area.
• It was agreed that this may be effective in Hillbrow where there is a large homeless population, liquor problems etc, and that in general it should be investigated further.
• Inspec B reported that over the past couple of years there has definitely been a decrease in crime overall although contact and property crime is still a problem.
WF to finalise a visit by members to the control centre.
The patrolling vehicle will be operational from 1st April at the latest. 
The cameras are active and being monitored for 6 buildings.  The final 7 buildings should be live by next week.
SCAI has apologised for delays mainly due to technical and weather issues.

• It was noted that half of Killarney Road has been repainted.  JM telephoned The Roads Agency with regard to the painting of the pedestrian crossings which should be changed to speed humps in the near future.  Clr R to contact Ester with regard to the speed humps. Clr R will have to attend a meeting as this decision cannot be taken by email.
• Metro Police are visiting the area but only occasionally and for very short periods.
• WF has contacted the Metro Police and the National Prosecutions Authority re using the film from the SCAI cameras to prosecute traffic violations.  Both NPA and Metro Police are in favour, but we have to go through a formal process of application.  This entails JMPD applying to National Prosecutions and WF first providing to JMPD a letter and a copy of a film showing the traffic violations taking place.  WF to pursue

• JM has been trying to contact Mr Olifant of City Parks without success.  The problem of the fence in Killarney Park is still to be addressed.
• JLC thanked Clr R for organising the speedy removal of a dead tree.
• WF is investigating a project by Pick ‘n Pay to save electricity.  If feasible he will add it to the next Newsletter.

• The Tribunal is scheduled for Wednesday 19th March 2008.
• Clr R, BDC and JF to attend.
• It was agreed that all contraventions must be mentioned as the Mall has taken a number of short cuts. These include the taxi rank problem, traffic violations in Killarney Road, complete lack of landscaping as per Site Development Plan, lack of gutters on Killarney Road, litter etc.  Clr R believes that this Tribunal will lay the foundation for a second Tribunal in which the landscaping issues will be addressed.
• With regard to the library Clr R reported that the Mall has not replied to a single legal letter from Council.  Clr R to continue pursuing.

• BDC suggested a NKRA Blog instead of a web page.  This will be far more interactive, costs less and will be a good addition to the Newsletter.
• BDC will present this idea at the next meeting.
• Killarney Wilds have requested joining the NKRA.  BDC to contact Zoë Clegg.  It was noted that Killarney Wilds would make a good point for a SCAI camera as this would cover Anerley Road, 7th Street, the Ronnie Frank Park and 4th Avenue.

• The ongoing problem of alcohol in Killarney Park in the evenings and over weekends was discussed.  Park Wardens have promised to patrol. 
• Inspec B has mentioned the problem to the shift commanders.
• It was also noted that major SAPS operations will be taking place over the Easter weekend.
• Rick from Biarritz advised the meeting of the desperate problem in Anerley Road with a rubbish sorting dump on the pavements.  JM contacted Clr M who was under the impression that they had been moved. Clr M to be contacted again if this has not taken place.
• It was noted that the hand railing on the bridge has disappeared; vagrants are washing themselves and their clothing in the street, hanging their clothing on the bridge and defecating on the pavements.  The situation has become untenable.
• It is understood that Mrs Oppenheimer allows the vagrants to sweep the pavement in return for meals.  This has once again created an unacceptable problem for residents in the area.
• Clr R was asked if she knew anyone on the mayoral committee to assist in this matter.  Thomas Phakati (MMC for Safety) was suggested by WF – his office has in the past responded promptly.
• The auction of the Liberty property in Anerley Road was mentioned.  It is not known who the new owners are or what will be happening to the parking lot as this does not form part of the property sold.
• Clr R suggested everyone visit the Sectional Title website to check the current official valuation of your property (http://eservices/ d if you disagree with the valuations, an objection be lodged by 27th May 2008.
• It was noted that the Council are offering to pay Managing Agents for lists of their buildings.  It is not known if this is legal.

The meeting was closed with thanks to all attendees. 

The next meeting will be held on 10 April 2008 at 18H00.