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There are some 156 000 Sectional Title properties in Joburg and each owner is being billed personally for rates, sewage and refuse collection. These charges will no longer be billed via the Body Corporate or managing agent. For the system to work, the City must have the correct postal addresses for each individual owner. It has only some 50 000. The following outlines some of the problems – and required actions:

Due to problems in matching addresses, the majority of the accounts still have to be posted to managing agents, who do not have the capacity to distribute the bills. This may mean that when the system is cleaned up, some residents will get bills showing arrears. This is because Rates and Taxes became payable to Council from 1 July 2008.

Customers must:
Ask their managing agent for a copy of their account; OR call Joburg Connect at (011) 375 5555 or email us at and request them to provide you with your account number (and to do this you will need you ID number and your physical address, your unit number and your complex name). Then request a duplicate statement be posted or emailed to you.

Managing Agents / Bodies Corporates can:
Send an email to and request the account  numbers for all the units in the schemes that you manage. Please remember to provide us with the unit numbers, complex names and street address of the properties. You can then provide the account numbers to the owners.

Due to internal problems about 15 000 Sectional Title units do not appear in the City’s GIS system. The matter is being corrected (between the City’s GIS Directorate and the Deeds Office) and in these cases billing will only occur once the property is registered.  In these cases, the correction will have to be backdated to 1 July 2008. These accounts can only be issued after the master property database has been corrected.

Customers must:
Call Joburg Connect and establish whether or not they are on of the 15 000 properties not on the City’s GIS system. If you are then please send an email to us at; with your correct physicial address (including unit number and complex name) , postal address, ID number, owner’s name

Managing Agents / Bodies Corporates can:
Send an email to; and request account numbers for all the units in the schemes that they manage. They could then provide the account numbers to the owners.

All Sectional Title owners must make sure that their addresses are on the City’s database so that their monthly statements can be sent out. Where addresses are not registered, bills will be sent to managing agents or bodies corporate.

Customers can:
Remember that it is very convenient to receive your statement by email. To register simply log onto the City’s website at and select the option for e-services and follow the instructions to register to get your statement by email. You will need your municipal account number to do this. If you have a problem please email us at

Where a property value has been incorrectly linked to a Body Corporate, adjustments will be made and a credit will be passed.

Managing Agents / Bodies Corporate can:
Call Joburg Connect at (011) 375 5555 or send an email to; and register a query in this regard.